Kan Jang capsules

Fast acting when suffering from cold and sinusitis.

Kan Jang® capsules, is a proprietary blend of unique extracts of
Andrographis paniculata and Eleutherococcus senticosus. Kan Jang® Plus has

added Sambucus nigra for optimal wellness.
Kan Jang® capsules have been clinically proven to reduce symptoms when
suffering from upper respiratory tract infection, including common cold or
sinusitis, by a strong immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory action.

• Prevents full outbreak in over 50% of upper
respiratory tract infections.
• Quicker recovery.
• A clear preventive effect when used over time.

Stay healthier by taking Kan Jang® capsules
during the cold period!

Take Kan Jang® capsules as soon as you feel the
first symptoms – prevents a full outbreak over
50% of the time. This is clinically proven!