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The production cite is located in Vallberga, a small village on the westcoast, 1.5 h outside of G. It is one of very few in Europe that has both API and GMP certificates.  the Swedish Medical Agency, API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for our traditional herbal medicinal products. The food supplements are produced according to HACCP.


The filling line is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice certified by Swedish Medical Agency. Among many other things, this means that every step in the manufacturing process is controlled by the laboratoy, making sure that the extracts and finished products contains the exactly right amount of active ingredients, and that they are free from harmful substances such as haeavy meatals, microbes and pestisides.

Every third year the Swedish Medical Agency makes a three day inspection, going through all processes and documentation. Only if the company meets the requirements, the factory gets a renewal of the certificate. 

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